Billy loves Audrey

Children are playful and adorable. But alongside these traits, they are also full of curiosity and a thirst for adventure. They want to discover all of life’s adventures, try new things and live their dreams. We would like to accompany you on this journey and support you in developing your own personality and expressing what you love. Our playful accessories complement your outfits in everyday life and on special occasions and our garments give you the freedom of movement you need. Billy Loves Audrey wants to take children into a magical world full of adventures. A world that shows the joy and fun of life. A world that shows them that there is still a lot to discover and experience and encourages them to be themselves. We want all children’s eyes to light up with joy when they complement their outfits with our accessories. Every piece of Billy Loves Audrey jewelery emphasizes her skin and hair color, her style and her own personality. All our products are designed with love in Berlin or Melbourne. We use the almost endless possibilities of different sequins, bobbles, glitter and glitter to create exciting and timeless looks for children.


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